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VLS error during config

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VLS error during config

I connected through the serial port to the VLS.

After logging in as Administrator, trying to change the network settings using "setConfigValue -ipaddr 192.x.x.x" we receive an error saying:
Failed to retrieve network config from server

Is it possible to configure the hosts file from the serial command prompt. The OS is RH Linux....



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Mustafa Gulercan
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Re: VLS error during config

hi Briano;
what is your VLS firmware version?
There is a known issue with HP StorageWorks Virtual Library System (VLS) using 1.1.0 firmware.
The VLS may end up in a non-functional state. This same problem was also recently found in VLS models using 2.0.0 firmware and has the same end result. If the VLS becomes non-functional, the only solution is to use the Quick Restore CD and re-image the VLS node.

upgrade your VLS firmware.

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Re: VLS error during config

I've reinstalled using the Quick Install CD and was able to change network settings at the CLI.