VLS1002i EOL?!

Lyndon Frei

VLS1002i EOL?!

Hello everybody

I've recently acquired a VLS1002i which is quite a new product since I remember it apearing on the HP site begining of this year. I thought it's a good solution for a branch-office of ours.

But now I don't seem to find it anywhere on the site by browsing, only a few newer D2D systems with higher capacity and even a deduplication feature.

That would be quite a slap in the face for SMBs who invested in this VLS product if it really were End-Of-Life already!
I'd expect further enhancements/developments like deduplication and implementation of the 2nd network port and maybe also a capacity expansion path...

anybody else in the same situation?
sorry for venting a bit

Steven Clementi
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Re: VLS1002i EOL?!


The VLS1000i was introduced sometime in or before May 2006. It has been around for more than just the past 9 months.

I would like to see a way to upgrade the hard drives though.

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