VLS6510 setup

Ole Martin Aas
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VLS6510 setup


We have a VLS6510 running MSL6000 emulation and
i would like to add more drives than the 4 i
have now .
Looking at the manuals it looks like i have to
scratch the current setup and create a new
library with ESL-emulation or is it possible to
just set up another virtual library and run that ?
If i have to scratch an reinstall, is it any
cookbook available ?
It would at least be nice to know about any
caveats in the prossess of using the manual.

Ole Martin Aas
Valued Contributor

Re: VLS6510 setup

Hello Ole,

I think this is what you need to do (taken from the User Guide):

Editing a Virtual Library's Slots and Drives
To edit the slots and drives of a virtual library, from Command View VLS:
1. Click the System tab.
2. Expand Chassis in the navigation tree.
3. Select Virtual Libraries in the navigation tree.
4. Select Edit Virtual Libraries in the task bar.
5. On the Edit Virtual Libraries screen, select the library you want to edit from the list.
6. Change the number of slots and/or the number of drives in the appropriate fields.
7. Select Next. A warning message indicates that some services will stop if you make any changes.
8. Select Edit Library to continue. The screen displays a â please waitâ message.
You may select Return to cancel if you decide not to make the change.
9. Log out of the GUI and close the browser window. Log back in approximately fifteen minutes
This manual disconnect ensures that the edit screens refresh.
10. Check the library you edited on the System tab to verify the change.

See the full document here:


Page 162 is where i took that from.