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VLS6600 firmware update to wiped config

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VLS6600 firmware update to wiped config

My VLS6600 was running v2.3.1 and I wanted to get it on the latest fw so I upgraded to v3.4.1.1.  The pre-upgrade check said I would have to do the upgrade from the Quick Restore DVD. I created the DVD, saved the config to my PC, and proceeded to do the update. Several reboots and about 3 hours later my VTL was upgraded to but was back to out-of-the-box factory config. I could not reach it to log into CV VLS and had to manually configure eth0 from the command line. Once I did that, I was able to log into the CV GUI and download my saved config file.


A day later, I got an email alert stating


Time Stamp        : Thu Aug 08 19:01:21 CDT 2013

Event Id          : 69781373-fe3b-472d-8a1c-67922e2c6580

Event Severity    : WARN

Status            : DEGRADED

Affected Component:>HP License check

Message           : Temporary License past expiration and has been invalidated



I did not set this library up initially, so I don't know what license may be missing.

Where can I find any licenses that may need to be loaded ?


Re: VLS6600 firmware update to wiped config



Depending on the information you have you might be able to download them from


Otherwise you can email



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Re: VLS6600 firmware update to wiped config

I think the info I am looking for would be in an old support ticket generated before the upgrade or saved config. I restored the config from a file saved prior to the upgrade so it wasn't there. I was just hoping someone would know where in the support ticket it could be found.
I emailed the license support group. Waiting to hear back from them.