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VLS6870 MSL6060 Netbackup 6.0

Janet White

VLS6870 MSL6060 Netbackup 6.0

I have a couple of questions.

1)In the VLS user guide it states if I am using Netbackup the only emulation I can use is VLS (not MSL6060) is this still true?

2) I do not wish to use compression on the VLS Tape drives as I want to get the max performance, If I am doing a copy of images to physical tape (MSL6060) NOT duplicating tapes in Netbackup do the compression settings have to match on the VLS and the MSL6060?

3) I am at the latest firmware version of the VLS, when I create cartridges it is always LT0-1 emulation eventhough the tape drives are created with LT0-2 emulation to match the MSL6060 why is this? Does it make a difference?

Thank you for your time.
Kevin Collins_11
Frequent Advisor

Re: VLS6870 MSL6060 Netbackup 6.0


Here are some answers and a question:

1) The VLS emulation is there specifically to support NetBackup and is the only emulation that NetBackup desired to support.

2) If an emulated tape drive is compressed, then the data on it would be compressed and any read off of it would be uncompressed. Similarly, if the emulated tape drive is not compressed this is completely independent of whether or not compression is being used on the physical tape drive.

3) Can you clarify this question? The tape format in the VLS is fairly independent of the emulated drive type. How are you determining that the tape is LTO-1 format? The only option the VLS has to create LTO format tapes is just labeled as LTO format.