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VLS6870 Slun_7 missing

Ganesh Chichakar_1
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VLS6870 Slun_7 missing


the VLS6870 shows the status degraded mode.
Observing the support ticket found there were 33 Luns and 0GB capacity which were braught back to normal after controlled powercycle of the library.
after restart the size is now ok and Luns are 32 but still showing the status degrade and Slun_7 is missing the last lun is Slun32.
I tried restarting VLS emulation in order to reset the lun numbering but no go.

Attached observations file as could not upload support ticket and messages file.

issue started DEC 22 onwards
Dec 22 10:48:59
Dec 22 11:16:22

but in CLI mode when checked the enclosure status along with drives found all controllers and drives were ok.

Is there any command ( in VLS CLI ) to reset the Slun numbering without any harm to data ?

Occasional Advisor

Re: VLS6870 Slun_7 missing


I do not know of any user commands that can correct this condition. There is a chance that HP support can correct this and recover your storage data. The process of rebuilding storage, which destroys your current data, will recover the VLS, provided the storage hardware is operational.