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VLS9000 hangs

Occasional Visitor

VLS9000 hangs

VLS9000 with Firmware 2.3
Software Backup:Netbackup
The vls9000 hangs when I have made a backup with 2 virtuel libraries in the same time.
the emulations are MSL6000 and VLS.
thanks for help
Kevin Collins_11
Frequent Advisor

Re: VLS9000 hangs


When you say it 'hangs', do you mean that the backups stopped or that the GUI was unresponsive? Are all the nodes and arrays in green status? Are there any notifications suggesting an error condition?

I would suggest you open a support call with HP and provide a support ticket.

Thank you.



Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: VLS9000 hangs

What do you mean with Hang? is the backup application that is hanging or is the VLS?
How do you recover from that situation? do you have the correct zoning and presentation active?
Would need some more info about the problem in order to help
Occasional Visitor

Re: VLS9000 hangs

the problem is solved when a upgrade the Operating System HP-UX. Thanks