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VLS9000 integrate with Legato problem

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VLS9000 integrate with Legato problem

When mapping VLS9000 drives to Redhat Linux as4 update8 and Solaris9, the system can normal find all the drives, taking 4 drives for example. But the backup software LEGATO take 4 drives as one logical drive from one physical machine, and can not be configured. Normally, all the drives should be taken to be physical drives individually. But in linux system and Solaris system, we can tar and move cartridges by command.

I have created the virtual tape library as ESL or MSL as the manual said. Is there anything should be done for the Linux system?

VLS9000 configuration and attached the VLS9000 components FYI:

2 nodes with 3*30T array, with one automatic created storage pool, one VTL and 60 drives distributed with 4 host ports. Legato version is 7.3 or 7.5

anyone have some idea? Thanks in advance!




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