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VLS9000 monitor


VLS9000 monitor

Hello all:

As far as I have read it seems VLS9000 is monitored using the same MIB than physical libraries like(esl712,...). Taking a look at this MIB it seems it sends few traps and very simple anyway if this
is the supported MIB we can do nothing about it but how can I monitor issues that doesn´t apply to physical libraries but apply to virtual library(faulty disks/dimms/cpus, ...)?

One question more, where can we find documentation about Netcitizen MIB apart from the MIB itself?

Valued Contributor

Re: VLS9000 monitor

Hi Mario,

you can check the health status from command view vls...also you can set the SNMP to get the notifications...

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: VLS9000 monitor

with these mibs you will receive the also the overall status of the virtual library. so if it went to "Degraded" just go in CVTL and you will see in the three what component is failing.
Usually after you integrate the VLS with the mibs we use to incorporate in the management software an Icon with the link to CVTL for reviewing the problems or to manage it.