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VLS9000 write performance

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VLS9000 write performance

Hi Folks,

Just getting started with the VLS9000 and we notice any backups we write to tape max out at 100MB/s. This happens no matter how many servers, jobs, or tapes we are writing to at one time. It is a single node system which HP advertises as capable of 550MB/s with no compression or 600MB/s with 2:1 compression.

My question is what are other folks getting for performance and what are some things I can do to get better performance?

Just to add, the backup storage node is a BL460G6, 2-4core 5570 procs, 6GB mem, dual 10GbE nics. All other servers we are backing up are similar, only way more memory. Tested backups with Data Protector and EMC Networker.



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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: VLS9000 write performance

where did you got these figure?
I thought the max speed with only one single array without dedup was max 240 MB/sec
and with dedup (FW 3.x.x) max 150 MB/s
You should considere also limitation due to the source of the data, the SAN path, etc...
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Re: VLS9000 write performance

I think you are confusing the D2D Arrays with the VLS. Data Dedup is not done during transfer on the VLS, it is done after a full cartridge is written to so it does not affect performance of writes at all. You can find the specs at

I have found by adding more (virtual) tape drives to the (virtual) ESL Library and forcing more streams from the backup client has improved performance so far to almost 300MB/s. I am still doing some testing so I will post back with the results if anyone is interested.
Kyle Weir

Re: VLS9000 write performance

Just as an FYI, I've had a fair amount of experience with dedup on the 6000's (I'm upgrading to a 9000 today) and it's full tapes that get deduped. To reduce this I usually use one drive at a time for a backup to enable the best dedup performance. As I grow our backups, I can see that writing to more then one tape at a time may not really hurt the deduping. But if you were writing to 2 tapes at once you'll need to fill both tapes before it'll dedup that backup at all. For a large backup this may not be bad especially if you filled it up daily. But otherwise it could be a problem.