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VTL 12000 problems

Brian Keg
Occasional Contributor

VTL 12000 problems

I have a six node (1 master 5 slave) VLS 12000 system with three EVA's providing disk for the VTL. I also have 90 expansion licenes. I have presented 159 2TB (2047GB) LUNs to the nodes and my system is saying I have a licene issue and it won't recognise any of the disks. Each node has a ! exclamation mark. I am wondering if it is a licensing issue, I assume so but I can't find out what license I need. Or is the problem due to the LUN size should it only be 2000GB?

Thanks in advance for the help

Re: VTL 12000 problems

As I understand correctly, you'll get 35 LUN licenses with a Base VLS12000.
You've also purchased 90 expension LUN's.
In total 125 LUN's can be presented to the VLS, if the VLS reports that number on the licensing report.
You have 159.

Unpresent LUN's untill you're at 125 LUN's in total (or what ever the number is in the lic. report) and it should work.