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VTL control path drive


VTL control path drive



is there some setting to set up control path drive of VTL?

I want to configure HP Data Protector to set up VTL drives but I don't know what to write in Logical Unit Number. Usually I'm entering control path drive WWN. How to set up control path drive on VLS or which drive WWN enter in Fibre Channel settings in Logical Unit Number field?



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Re: VTL control path drive

What model/brand of VTL do you have ?


Normally, In DP, in the control path field for the library, there is a drop-down. Clicking that will present you with the changer devices that the OS detected. (attcahed is a screenshot) This will be the control path usually in the format SCSI port:bus:target:lun


with HP VTL technology like VLS or D2D you do not need to enter WWN information, just the SCSI adresses of the devices as detected by the OS.


does this help ?







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Re: VTL control path drive



Correct me when wrong, but the controld device is not availlable when you have presented your vtl as a tape library. The VTL library must be presented as a VTL.