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Re: VTL on DP 5.5?

Ian Dennison_1
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VTL on DP 5.5?

I cannot find any info on using virtual tape libraries within DP 5.5 - are they supported? or is it just in DP 6.0?

I want to configure a "staging area" on existing EVA Hardware and SAN-connected Servers for DP 5.5 backups - and push out the backups to tape later.

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Harry Banbury
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Re: VTL on DP 5.5?


The info you are looking for can be found in the HP "EBS Compatibility Matrix" under the "Backup Apps." setction. This document can be found at

Answer to your question is that The VLS has been tested against (and is supported with) DP minimum ver 5.1... so Dp 5.5 is supported

Harry Banbury
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