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VTLs in StoreOnce 4700

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VTLs in StoreOnce 4700



I have 2 fabrics, I must set the zoning to Media server on two switches.


When I create the VTL on HP StoreOnce, the Media Changer be attached on  two FC(each one on a fabric), but the drives be in one or other.

The Media Changer is right, I can use with 2 paths, in other words, I have redundancy.


I would like know if I have include as member of zoning only the Media Changer or the drives too. If I must include as member the drives, Will not redundancy the drive will set on fabric or on other.




Rodrigo Nunes


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Re: VTLs in StoreOnce 4700

Hi Rodrigo,


I believe this is by design.  The changer will apear on both ports of the HBA (and therefore both fabrics) but each drive created is then allocated one of the two ports on an alternate basis, ie 1,2,1,2,1,2, etc.



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