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Virtual Library and SCSI Devices

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Virtual Library and SCSI Devices


I have a Virtual Library VLS 6653 with 48 Drives LTO4, with Win2008 R2 connect with 2 Switch Brocade.

The Devices Manager see 96 Devices

I have some problems when using DataProtector 6.11 some device name are overwrite o change.
My conexion is FC to MyServer and VSL 6653 and backups are coming from the lan.

1. How many devices for HBA can configure
2. Can use MPIO and DSM in this case
3. have some limit using FC and HBA about luns



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Re: Virtual Library and SCSI Devices

Sounds like you have two fiber paths to the VLS. You not only CAN use MPIO/DSM, you NEED to.

How many servers talk to the VLS? I would strongly suggest NOT sharing libraries or media on the VLS across media servers.