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Virtual Tape Library - VLS 6510 Installation

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Virtual Tape Library - VLS 6510 Installation


I have installed VLS 6510-Virtual Tape Library for DISK to Disk to Tape Backup using the Data Protector Backup.
This VLS 6510 comes withe a Management Servers and 2 MSa 20 Disk Array having the Sata Disk Drives.
I have connected this setup and powered on and logged in to the Management server.

COmmand View Vls is the management software to manage this VLS. After the Login process i have gone through the Wizard and created the Virtual Tape library with the Tape drives and Catritges. But after this i am not able know how do i further proceed to configure this drive with Data Protector. THis is the first time i am doing this installation and i need some information abt this VLS.


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Re: Virtual Tape Library - VLS 6510 Installation


The next steps depend on your SAN configuration and connections. Using the Command View VLS Console (http), does the tab System, tree item Fibre Channel show all ports green and link speed as you would expect?

If so, then is your SAN an open zone? If yes, the VLS has an open mapping as default, and should allow your Data Protector host (also on the same SAN, correct?) to discover the new Virtual library and drives.

The VLS devices' serial numbers can be identified on the tap System also.

If this is not your SAN configuration, please describe.

I found a solution guide at:

or and search on VLS 6500 (select solution guide)

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Re: Virtual Tape Library - VLS 6510 Installation


You will need to go into the CVTL and select the VLS system. Once you login to the VLS interface then you should select the System Tab and click on "Chassis" and look at the top of the right hand frame. Click on the Host LUN mapping mode. You should be able to add the systems that your zoned to with this screen. You should use the "mapping enabled" mapping status.

After completing this then you will need to go to the Vitrual library that you created and select the "Map LUNS" option on the top of the rightr hand frame. Enter a LUN number for each system that is listed. This is the LUN number for the virtual autochanger. If you use a LUN number of 255 then this device will be disabled.

After you complete this then click on the tape drives themselves and select the "Map LUNS" option and enter LUN numbers for each system. Repeat this for each of the tape drives. These will be the LUN numbers for each virtual tape drive you are using.

After completing all of this you should then go to each node and use the L&TT utility to search for the tape drives. They should show up there.

Key things to remeber is make sure the systems that will be using the VLS system are zoned in together with the VLS on your fabric. Make sure you use different LUN numbers for everything. Make sure you have "mapping enabled" for each system that will be addressing the tape libraries on the VLS.

Hope all this helps.

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Re: Virtual Tape Library - VLS 6510 Installation


Thanks for the support.

What is LUN Mapping???
What is the use of LUN Mapping??

My requirement is

I have a Data Protector Backup server connected to the SAN Fabric. I want to connect this VLS to the SAME fabric. There is no Zoning enabled in my Fabric. Because the storage is fully used for windows Disks.

I want to assign MY VLS to backup server and take the backup.

Also i have one more query...

Is it possible to assign some of the disk space from VLS to any of my server and move some data to the VLS and keep it???