A.G.M. Velthof
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Hello to all,


we use a d2d system with dataprotector.

After a test period we wanted to cleanup the d2d system and reformatted all the tapes.


The tapes are empty now. The user data stored on the d2d is very little now. The size on disk however still remains 11 TB.

Is this normal behaviour or do I have to do something else to free this space as well.


Regards, Alfons Velthof

Thomas Martin
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Re: d2d

Hello Alfons,


as long the tapes are visible for DataProtector the size on the disk is occupied by them. You have to delete some tapes from the GUI of D2D System to free up space on the system. But you can only delete tapes without data on them. The used sized of them is show as blank in the GUI.



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Re: d2d

Hi Alfons,

When you format the cartridges using DP, the cartridges on the D2D will be overwritten and will just be left with a small "header".

However the D2D will now need to go off and perform its "Housekeeping" process in order to de-allocate all of the chunk references and delete data from the deduplicated storage.

You should see the disk space used (Size on disk) gradually decline as housekeeping processes the data, it can take many hours if there is a large amount of data (as there appears to be in your case).

Housekeeping is an automatic process that runs in the background, but you do need to make sure that it is not set into "Pause" state or has blackout windows preventing it from running.

(see the Administration -> Housekeeping page on the GUI)

The only way to avoid housekeeping and remove the data immediately is to delete the entire virtual library rather than format the cartridges within it.


Hope that helps