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destroy cartridge VLS 6218

Charles Profitt
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destroy cartridge VLS 6218

I am following the instructions I have for destroying a tape, but the option does not show up for me.

---- instructions ----

Open a Command View VLS session and log in as the administrator. See Opening a Command View VLS Session from a Web Browser.

Click the System tab.
# Select Cartridges in the navigation tree.

The cartridges details window opens.

# Select the number of cartridges to display from the pull-down box beside the group of cartridges you wish to destroy. Options are 10, 50, 100 (default), 500, or 1024 cartridges.

# Click the View button beside the category that contains the cartridges you want to delete.

The cartridges parameters window opens.

# Select the Select box next to each cartridge that you want to delete. Select Select All if you want to destroy all the cartridges listed.
# Click Destroy Selected.
# Click Yes to confirm.
# Click Finish.

---- end ----

I do not see any 'destroy selected' to click.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Re: destroy cartridge VLS 6218

These instructions you are mentioning are only valid for firmware code version 2.x.x, if you have 3.x.x dedupe firmware the option is disabled and it will require opening a call with HP support. Hope this helps.