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getting images onto tape from storeonce

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getting images onto tape from storeonce

i have a custome that is using RMC to store snapshots on a storeonce 6500. He wants to get these snapshots copied to tape for long term offsite storage. Theyuse Netbackup and the tape library is attached to the netbackup system. Is it posiible to backup the storeonce with a third party backup product?


Re: getting images onto tape from storeonce

Hello Mr.Hammers,


We can archive the snapshots on the Storeonce 6500 to MSLTape library using Netbackup backup application.

But criteria is to have both MSL and Storeonce to be seen at the NetBackup application and also any data on the Storeonce is a file for the appliance. So you can backup if the configuration is fine.


Please find the article below which will be helpful