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Re: re:issues with VLS and Blade severs

james Gicheru
Occasional Advisor

re:issues with VLS and Blade severs

I am having an issue installing my VLS6800 system.the creating of the Virtual library goes on well but when I get to the point in netbackup where I configure my devices I am unable to see the drive configured.

also my device manager is reporting an unknown device and I have searched for the drivers all over and cannot get, I am connecting my VLS to a blade server through 2 fiber switches

the errors I get is as follows in the pictures

1. Do i need to load some drivers for win2k3
2.Is there some specific issue with the licences I am not doing right?

please can some guru inform me on the same

thanks n kind regards,


Rob O'Reilly

Re: re:issues with VLS and Blade severs


It does sound like you need drivers for W2k3. You will have to use the standard tape device driver for the type of Virtual tape drives you have created.

Tape Device drivers are available for download on the HP website.

Please let us know if you cannot find them.

Rob O.