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storeonce 3540 : Explanation for Health critical on a share

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storeonce 3540 : Explanation for Health critical on a share


I have a 3540 with a health issue, my overall status is "Fault"

the NAS Status is "Running" with a red icon

when I go to the NAS section I see a running share with a red mark too. here is the CLI output when I look at that share : 

ID                             5
Protocol                       CIFS
Name                           AAA
Network Name                   \AAA
Description                    AAA
Created On                      14:00 2018/01/10
Modified On                     21:48 2019/04/15
Status                         Online
Health                         Critical
Replication Role               Non Replicating
Replication Status             Non Replicating
Replication Health             Information
User Bytes                     500100265308
Disk Bytes                     381290777494
Dedupe Ratio                   1.3
Files                          24
Directories                    3
Read-only                      No
Encryption Enabled             No
Deduplication Enabled          Yes
Share Version                  2
Authentication                 User
Physical Data Size Quota       (No Quota)
Logical Data Size Quota        500 GB
Backup Application Type        Not Specified
Backup Data Type               Not Specified
User                           AAA: read-write


as you can see, health is critical… but I Don't have any information as to why.

I can't find any information, and I have 1 warning in the log about a share "number 6" which reached its quota. number 6 would correspond to that share 5, but the size on disk is way below the quota. 

also this event about quota was yesterday, more than 12h ago, the "critical" status appeared 2h ago on my monitoring, and no event arount this time.


what could be the issue, and how to identify it?

if anyone could help me, that would be great.


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Re: storeonce 3540 : Explanation for Health critical on a share

I realized with a colleague the "User Bytes" and the "Logical Data Size Quota" are matching

that means the disk is full for the user, not really an issue here, but that doesn't explains the alerts yesterday, and the status faulting only today and not before… probably something on my nagios

but **bleep** that lack of information, am I right to think the "Critical" health is due to the quota being reached?


Re: storeonce 3540 : Explanation for Health critical on a share

Could you Login to the Store Once Gui .
Navigate to Event log section and look for the events messages close to that time stamp when you noticed share status showing as critical ,
Looks for critical events related to Share name (AAA)& capture all the related events messages.
This will give more information to understand the possible reasons.

Thank You!
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