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10.5 CMC Cannot find second P4500 G2 Shelf

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10.5 CMC Cannot find second P4500 G2 Shelf

Pair of P4500 G2's running

Centralized Management Console (CMC) version 10.5.00, Build 0181.0, running on Server 2008 R2 SP1.


When I go to log into the CMC, it is only finding one of our two shelves.


I have every IP we've assigned to any interface (even the disabled 1Gbit NICs since we upgraded to the 10Gbit SFPs) in the list to search.


The array is still 'up', its volumes accessible, but isn't responding to the CMC.


Haven't rebooted the host running the CMC yet, going to try to do that today.


Anything else to check/test?



I am able to ping the shelf/node that is responding to the CMC, I am unable to ping the other shelf at all.

Remote Console via iLO looks normal, nothing abnormal on screen.  Not sure if there's any diagnostics worth logging in for available there.



Reading the help documentation, if the array is "overloaded" it could not respond, so I'll also give it a shot later this evening when its load *should* be lower, but this has been persisting for about a week now, where I haven't been able to reach it.




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Re: 10.5 CMC Cannot find second P4500 G2 Shelf

CMC isn't a server/service... it doesn't need to be running in order to have the SAN operating.  You can install it on your desktop as long as you can ping the nodes you want to manage.


Can you ping the missing node from anything else?  Managed Switch... your desktop... a server connected to the SAN... whatever.  Sounds like that 2nd node has a problem and is/might be down. 


Assuming the 2nd node is down, and all your LUNs are NR10, just hard-reset the missing node to see if it comes back online... or if you have a support contract, call them up and get their help, but it sounds like the node is locked and needs to be rebooted.... or its got a hardware problem.