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10 Gbit / 10TB Limit ?!?

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

10 Gbit / 10TB Limit ?!?

Hi there,


I wanted to know if there is a possibility to get 10 Gbit Speed on VSA over Hyper-V (Windows 2012) - as 1 Gbit is pretty Speed Limitating on our Environment!

Also is there a possiblity to use VSA for Sizes over 10TB? (without installing several VSAs)


Thank you

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Honored Contributor

Re: 10 Gbit / 10TB Limit ?!?

the current size limit is 10TB... you are stuck there for now, but there is a rhumor that limitation will be increased.


As for the network speed...  the limit is just whatever you can present to the VM...  10Gb works, or if you are really setup, you can do bonded 10Gb for 20+Gb.  I'm not aware of anybody who actually has done that, but there is no limitation in the VSA to restrict the network speed like there is for the capacity.

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

Re: 10 Gbit / 10TB Limit ?!?



thanks for your answer. Can you elaborate how to use the 10Gbit. 

According to HP support it's not possible. The question is, not possible or not supported. At this time we were at version 9.5 though, but I couldn't get more than 1 Gbit at 10.5 either). 

As I believe, the driver inside VSA needs to support the Hyper-V Switch and then the correct speed would go through. 


As I checked: 

Hyper-V Switch presents it as 10Gbit (any Windows VM also shows that).  

Lefthand VSA only shows 1 Gbit, and I tried the Network Adapter and also legacy Adapter, and adding a 2nd adapter too.



We also checked it with VMWare ESXi, same result. 


So if I am not missing anything here I don't see a way, other than VSA gets the correct drivers. 




Regular Advisor

Re: 10 Gbit / 10TB Limit ?!?

In VMware ESXi 5.0, using the VMXNET3 adapter, the VSA reports 10Gb in the VM console and also in the CMC. Observing ESXTOP, I see multiple VSAs pushing 4 Gbps or more with IOmeter tests running at the moment.


Re: 10 Gbit / 10TB Limit ?!?

This pdf  reads:

New dual core VSA and increased capacity limits are expected to be available in late 2012 or early 2013..