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2 node Cluster - Restriping won't end

Günther Pfannhauser
Occasional Visitor

2 node Cluster - Restriping won't end


I had some configuration problems with one of our 2 node VSA. So I endet up with volumes with status "Restriping (N/A%), Not Avaliable".

Volumes are offline.

Any suggestions?

Respected Contributor

Re: 2 node Cluster - Restriping won't end

How long has it been restriping?

You could try increasing the Management group bandwidth to max to allow it to dedicate more bandwidth to re striping, since the volumes are offline anyway...
Günther Pfannhauser
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2 node Cluster - Restriping won't end

Over night!

I've increased the bandwidth to maximum. But still no success.

What i've done before the problem occures:

- set raid level of both volumes to RAID-0
- restriping could be done succsessfully over night
- removed one node from management group
- installed a new node
- moved new node into management group & cluster and since then the volumes are stucked in restriping.
Bryan McMullan
Trusted Contributor

Re: 2 node Cluster - Restriping won't end

I had that problem as well when I had a node fail and I removed it from the cluster (as I wanted the cluster to restripe without the node in it). It never finished restriping after about 15 days.

I had to call into HP/LH support and they ran a cleanup process that cleared the issue. (The restripe was looking for data that it thought was on the bad node even though the volumes were 2 way replicated.)

Only difference in my scenerio is that the Restriping(%) did have a number. But I think it's worth a call to support to force it, especially if you've set local bandwidth to max and have not seen a change overnight. There's a problem in there that needs to be cleared.