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4130 going from 4 drives to 8

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Occasional Contributor

4130 going from 4 drives to 8

OK, so after my NSM160 nightmare has been resolved trying to get some 4130s configured to move critical stuff off the NSM160s.

There wasn't enough space with just the 4 600GB drives so I purchased 4 additional drives for each unit. Had the unit fully updated with the 4 drives and made a management group. SHutdown system, add drives, used ACU to add the 4 new drives and increase the 2nd logical array (the 1st is a little 36GB raid6 array that I guess holds the lefthand stuff). Everything looked good until I get into the CMC after and it shows raid off unconfigured and it doesn't seem to be accepting the 4 new drives. Only 4 show up in disk setup. Tried to configure raid and it just disconnects me from the unit.


Am I missing something?

Occasional Contributor

Re: 4130 going from 4 drives to 8

So for anyone interested it appears this is by design.

A marketing decision no doubt.


Seems like instead of advertising them as 4 bays used and 4 more open they should say 4 bays and 4 cup holders that don't hold cups.


Even further infuriating is the marketing crap that list the max capacity as 76.8TB. How exactly 4 20TB drives?


Those will be my last StoreVirtual hardware purchases. From here on out I will roll with VSAs or change products.


Very dissappointing!

Aaron Ruppert
Occasional Contributor

Re: 4130 going from 4 drives to 8

***** probably not supported by HPE ******


I've done this multiple times.  download the quick restore DVD iso.  move data off the volume/node.  Install drives (don't bother with array, it will be configured next step). Boot to the Storevirtual Restore iso, it will detect the system as a p4330 with 8 drives.

Occasional Contributor

Re: 4130 going from 4 drives to 8

You sir may be a savior, I will try this.


Data isn't an issue as I am doing an initial setup on the units.