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4730 Repaired - Readding to Cluster? FOM Question.

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4730 Repaired - Readding to Cluster? FOM Question.


One of the 4730s we have had to be repaired (new motherboard, etc.) and we are just ready to re-IP it and add it back to the cluster.  Obviously this will cause a resync.

Is it okay just leaving it to go straight back in the cluster or is there a specific way to re-add it?


Also we were told the FOM should not be virtual and to install it on the storage node - how do we actually do that?



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Re: 4730 Repaired - Readding to Cluster? FOM Question.

With a  new motherboard you need a special procedure in order to make the license work again. Ask HP support!

Hope this helps!

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Re: 4730 Repaired - Readding to Cluster? FOM Question.

a FOM is NOT on a storage node, its on a seporate physical virtual machine host.  Its a VM that you install either on hyper-v or on vmware.  That said, if you have an even number of nodes and a total of less than 6 nodes, a FOM is the suggested method for maintaining quorum, but I see no reason why adding back in a repaired node will change what you should have been doing all along for quorum.


On another note.  you can join the node to the management group without really affecting anything.  do that, make sure its licensed correctly and that the available storage shows up correctly.  Then you can add it to a cluster, or if you have a node that is marked as missing, you can exchange it with that missing node.  Just keep in mind that a resync uses resources, so unless you manage the rebuild rate, it CAN cause your cluster to have performance problems.  You can adjust this by monitoring your cluster's performance and then adjusting the rebuild rate by going into the properties of the management group and adjusting the management group alloted bandwidth.  I think the default is 16MB/s, but you can turn it up or down depending on if you need more or less resources for Live Data.