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A few questions about P4500

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Arne Morten
Occasional Visitor

A few questions about P4500

We're probably buying P4500 10.8TB SAS Virtualization SAN Solution.

However i'm wondering how we scale when we exaust all of our storage. If we run network RAID1 in the beginning. Could we change that to network raid5 later if we buy another node?

And what about combining with 7.2k RPM drives? Some storage needs are more space-bound than what is cost effective with 15k drives. If we were to buy P4300 12TB SATA could that be combined in the same cluster later? Ofcourse network raid are going to be between similar nodes only.

Also when selecting switches for P4500 i'm looking at HP ProCurve Switch 2910al-24G. Do these perform well enough for iSCSI?
Mike Povall
Trusted Contributor

Re: A few questions about P4500

Hi Arne,

Assuming that you run SAN/iQ v9 then you can migrate volumes to Network RAID5 after adding another node to the SAS cluster.

When adding nodes to a cluster think of it like adding disks to a RAID set - you would not add a SATA drive to a 15K SAS RAID Array. To get the best from the solution keep the modules the same in a cluster. Create a second cluster within the same management group for the P4300 12TB SATA.

We have used the 2900 series switches for iSCSI with no problems as yet.

Regards, Mike.
Arne Morten
Occasional Visitor

Re: A few questions about P4500

Thanks for prompt reply.

What is SAN/iQ v9? Is this some management software licensed seperately?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: A few questions about P4500

SAN/iQ is the "operating system" running inside a storage node which does the job of virtualizing the disk capacity.
Arne Morten
Occasional Visitor

Re: A few questions about P4500

Thank you very much guys. ;)