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AIX 5.3 and P4300 - can't connect

Kirk Woloshyn
Occasional Contributor

AIX 5.3 and P4300 - can't connect

I've had my 4300 for about six months and everything is working great on the VMWare side of the shop. Unfortunately, it's not so bueno on the AIX side.

I've got an IBM 520 running AIX 5.3 and can't get it to see the LUNs on the 4300. I've followed the instructions in the LH support document (from 2006) but still no luck. LH support doesn't know squat about AIX since they rarely run into it.

Has anyone gotten AIX and the 4300s to talk to each other? I'll be happy to provide more details if there's anyone out there who knows how to make this work.

Honored Contributor

Re: AIX 5.3 and P4300 - can't connect


But as per the Product Bulletin AIX 6.1 is suppoted for P4300.