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ALB rapidly changing NIC's


ALB rapidly changing NIC's

Hello, we have the following hardware:


4 x P4300 G2 running SANi1 8.5 in one cluster

2 x P4300 running SANiq 8.5 in another cluster


These are connected to a Procurve 8212zl which connects to our HP blade chassis. I am trying to track down a backup throughput issue, if you look at the attached screen shot, you will notice that the in use NIC switches from one to the other during the backup, yet our two node cluster sticks with one NIC.


Our two node cluster actually has a higher throughput to the backup server because of this. I have checked duplexing and switch configurations, do you have any suggestions as to why it would be switching NIC's like this?

Regular Advisor

Re: ALB rapidly changing NIC's

Do you have multipathing enabled on the backup host? The DSM installed? why are you running 8.5? I understand the p4300 can run the latest versions - and you get a lot of nice enhancements..

David Tocker