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Adaptive Optimization

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Adaptive Optimization

I've install the HP VSA 2014 installer with a 10tb+ license. I have both tier 0 and tier 1 storage. When i look at the vsa in the CMC, it tells me that Adaptive Optimization is Capable. I do not see anyway of enabling it? Can anyone help with this one ? Thanks

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Re: Adaptive Optimization

you must first assign the drives to a specific tier if that wasn't already done when you installed the VSA.


After that, each LUN has a specific setting option to enable AO on it.  Right click on the LUN you want to use AO on and select the option to enable it and then it will work.  It might not be obviuos that it is doing anything immediately, but as long as you see the LUN listed as AO enabled it will be working and it will show you how much data is on T0 storage and how much data is on T1 storage.  You can also monitor some of that activity in the CMC charting page as well.