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Applicaiton Aware snapshots - error message


Applicaiton Aware snapshots - error message


Attempting to test the Application Aware snapshot feature in the StoreVirtual CMC but not having much luck.

I installed the Credential Manager on our vCenter server, set up the logins for both the Management consle and vCenter server with both of those tests succeeding.


I then attempt to setup a scheduled snapshot on a volume and recieve the following error:


"Application server configuration service at x.x.x.x not found (401 unauthorized)

To create a schedule using point-in-time snapshots, click Continue

To cancel the process without creating a new schedule, click Cancel"

The IP address appears to be one of the connections on one of our VMhost which connects bakc to our HP P4000 SANs.

That IP is a 10.x.x.x address


The Store Virtual Console is version 11.5 Build 0664.0

The Authentication console shows to be version 11,5,0,419


Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Applicaiton Aware snapshots - error message

Some progress to report


I double checked the documentation and there was a mention of needing to designate a "controlling server" IP address under any servers setup on the HP StoreVirtual CMC.


That IP address must be the IP of the vCenter server.


So I set that up and received a different error message.

"Failed to contact Application Aware snapshot manager."

"To create a Lefthand OS snapshot, click Continue."

"To cancel the process without creating a new snapshot, click Cancel."


I find it odd that the system can not contact the Application Aware Snapshot Manager since the CMC and vCenter are on the same server.


Progress but only some..


Again any pointers or help would be appreciated.