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Application Aware Snapshot on Virtual RDM

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Application Aware Snapshot on Virtual RDM

I cannot create an application aware snapshot of a virtual RDM (ESXi 5.0) LUN on my P4500 SAN using the application aware feature to quiese the file system on the host VM. I can create the snapshot just fine so long as I do not try and use the application aware feature for these LUNs. And FWIW, I can create application aware snapshots for LUNs that are not also RDMs.


However, from what I have gathered a virtual RDM on ESXI 5.0 can have a snapshot, is supported by SRM 5.0 for array based replication, and should work. I am using the latest build of the CMC (9.5 0283) and am running Sans/Q


The VM configuration has the boot disk on a different LUN and has been successfully replicated. The VM OS has the application aware service installed and configured.


Any ideas?