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Application managed snapshots of Hyper-V CSV

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Application managed snapshots of Hyper-V CSV

Hi Folks,


bit of a wierd one here - I'm trying to run application managed snapshots of a cluster shared volume either via teh CMC or using CLI on one of the cluster members.


I've tried providing the controlling server IP on the server settings in the CMC, removing the controlling server IPs from the server settings on the CMC, and all to no avail. Every time I try an application-managed snapshot I receive the following error:


result 80001037
processingTime 32495
name CliqVolumeNoServerName
description Failed to contact Application Aware Snapshot Manager.


The VSS providers are installed on the clustet nodes, as are the DSMs. I can connect using the CLI with getServerCapabilities if I specify the IP addresses of the iSCSI interface of the hyper-v cluster nodes, so I'm noty entirely sure what the issue is here.


vssSnapshot works fine from the CLI on a cluster node, and creates a snapshot on the P4000 cluster as well.


Any ideas why I might be gettign the above error would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Application managed snapshots of Hyper-V CSV

did you setup the account information on each node to connect to SAN/IQ?  That is a key step that could cause the error you are seeing.