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Attach a Dell SAN to HP San Cluster

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Attach a Dell SAN to HP San Cluster


I have two HP P4500G2 SAN units in my environment and, from what the HP reseller told me, I wanted to attach our old DELL SAN P6000 to the list of volumes to be able to perform snapshots of our environment on this one.
How can I do that from our Lefthand CMC ?
What do I need to set up or what software do I need to install to perform this operation?





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Re: Attach a Dell SAN to HP San Cluster

Do you want to use the Dell P6000 as storage where you want to put StoreVirtual snapshots on it?

If yes, then the only way to do this is to use StoreVirtual VSAs and do for instance a remote copy schedule that transfers snapshots from the P4500 cluster into the StoreVirtual VSA cluster. The StoreVirtual VSA can use storage / volumes from the Dell P6000 system.