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Backlog Warning P4500 remote snapshots

Andy Riley
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Backlog Warning P4500 remote snapshots

I have a bunch of remote snapshots set up and they were working fine until this morning. Now, whenever a snapshot starts, I get a Backlog Warning for the duration of the snapshot. Once the snapshot has completed, the warning goes away.

During the snapshots on some of the volumes I have the error "Remote not synced" but I can't find any information about what this error means.

It appears that the rate of data change was higher than the link could cope with for a short while during log on this morning which I think kicked off the errors. Now the array is quiet but I'm still getting the warnings, but only when it's actually doing a snpashot. Right now, there are no snapshots happening and the array is quiet with no errors. As soon as the schedule kicks off a new remote snapshot it will give the error again.


I'm not sure what to do to clear the errors. Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Backlog Warning P4500 remote snapshots

Snapshot processing was greatly improved in LeftHand OS 10.5, and again with patch 35012-00. Updating should resolve the issue.

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Re: Backlog Warning P4500 remote snapshots

My guess is that one volume has singnificantly changed in size?

The link between the sites was off line or speed was singnificantly reduced?

You will probably need to look at a less agressive snapshot schedule.

If you know how to read the global db you could look for message on the remote and host side to see what might be happening.


What version of SanIQ are you running?