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Boot disk problem - Hp P4300 G2

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Boot disk problem - Hp P4300 G2

In the configuration space (F9), we formatted the boot disk of the storage system.
Currently, even the restore operation failed, there are no disks detected (no of disk : [0]), and we have this :
-Boot disk status : Fail -Disk Not Present
-Boot disk Ready : Fail - Disk Not Present
-Verify Boot Sector : Fail : Valid OS Boot Sector Not Present
How to resolve this ?


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Re: Boot disk problem - Hp P4300 G2

AFAIR the P4300 G2 is a DL185G6 with a smart array P400.


It worked for me in the past to go into ORCA by pressing F8 during POST, delete all the array information (and verify all disks are visible) and use the recovery CD to create a "fresh" node.

Hope this helps!

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