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Brocade 300 and HP Lefthand P4300 connectivity

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Brocade 300 and HP Lefthand P4300 connectivity

Hi ,


my first post in the HP community , good occasion to say hello to you all . 


We got a brand new LH P4300 which we would like to perform an HBA upgrade in order to be connected to a Brocade Fiber Chanel switch (Brocade 300 8GB Sec).


LeftHand OS /hardware (Lefthand OS has been upgrade last Friday) , might support fiber channel connection ?in case yes , I'm a bit confused to which card purchase since there are several HP fiber 8GB components available . I would need also transreceiver for a very shrt distance . 


Since we have 2 Lefthand 7.2 TB which we would like to connect togheter , we have 10G Fibre Card hp BQ891A ( Transceivers J9150A -  ), would this make the 2 lefthand have 10GB connection ?


Thanks in advance for your clarification . 


All the best .



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Re: Brocade 300 and HP Lefthand P4300 connectivity

I'm no Lefthand expert but I thought only the new G3 model Lefthands, now called StoreVirtual supported FC cards?

If there is really an upgrade path like you say, I would think the P4300 QuickSpecs page would have the list of supported HBAs. But there is no mention of FC on that page at all.
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Re: Brocade 300 and HP Lefthand P4300 connectivity



Correct only the latest models 4330 en 4730 FC models have FC ports available... These are the models based on the Gen8 Proliant hardware...


Previous G1 and G2 models don't have FC support...


More details here:






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