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CLI Scripting

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CLI Scripting

I am currently using VSS to snapshot our exchange volumes of which we have many.

I then manually remote IP copy these volumes to their remote backup location.

I would like to use the CLI to take the VSS snap, and then remote copy it. How do you tie the scripts together? Or can they be in one? Any help would be appreciated.
Michael Steele_2
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Re: CLI Scripting


Need some more information here. Questions.

VSS - ?

exchange volumes - Microsoft Exchange Server???

Current procedure is GUI interface?

Please provide current steps of the proceedure.
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Re: CLI Scripting

Sorry. Small entry windows make me want to be brief! :)

VSS - Volume Shadow Service (copy)

Exchange - Yes, Microsoft exchange.

Clarification of my current process.

Step 1:
Via Windows Scheduled task, I run a few small cmd files every night for 20 some odd volumes. This CMD file looks like this inside:

vshadow -p u:\mountpoint

Currently, our U drive hosts a bunch of NTFS mount points that are logically named for the proper exchange database that sits within the volume mounted to this mountpoint.

What this CMD does, is uses the Microsoft VSS, and the Lefthand VSS provider to take a snapshot of the respective volume.

At this point I am happy, I have my snapshot taken each day without the necessity of taking the exchange DB offline.

Step 2:
The next morning, my first task of each day is to open the CMC, and manually run a remote snapshot of the previous nights VSS snapshot.

Here is where I become unhappy. It is a fairly tedious task to manually create remote snapshots for each of these 20 odd volumes.

My Need:
My initial request was to find a way to use the CLI to do all this in one step, or multiple steps that can be scheduled. However I don't see a way to run these requests together, or even separately, without having to provide the actual snapshot name.

Pretty much i am looking for some help in order to write a script that will run the VSS Snapshot, then remote copy that snapshot to our DR site.

Please let me know if you need more info.

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Re: CLI Scripting

I guess when thinking about it, I really just would like a way to be able to use the createremotesnapshot on the CLI. Where this specific function would always copy the most recent snapshot.

I beleive with the old 7.1 and older scripting options it was possible. But I am not sure of how you would do this on the CLI.