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CMC 12.0 extremely slow?


CMC 12.0 extremely slow?

It seems ever since I moved over from CMC 11.5 to 12.0 that it's extremely painful to navigate around, often taking a few seconds to respond to a click.  Anyone else?  Any tips to improve it?  I can see it's eating 400MB+ memory and 25% CPU.

Regular Advisor

Re: CMC 12.0 extremely slow?

Running well for me, sorry I cannot be of assistance.


David Tocker
Occasional Advisor

Re: CMC 12.0 extremely slow?

Oh yes - this is such a pain.


We've just upgraded 4 units to StoreVirtual 12 and could not be less impressed.

Its incredibly flakey, we had to keep rebooting production storage units just to make the crappy java CMC app work during the upgrade.


Cannot wait to ditch HP storage.