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CMC 8.5 Install. PLEASE READ

Respected Contributor

CMC 8.5 Install. PLEASE READ

Be sure to use the autorun on the management ISO to install the new CMC 8.5

I didn't want to upload the whole managment ISO to my hosted server, so as in versions past I sent the "exe" install file (\GUI\Windows\Disk1\InstData\VM\CMC_Installer.exe) to the server and the install "appeared" to install, however the resulting CMC still reported version 8.1

In versions 8.1 and prior this method worked fine. I verified this problem on 2 installs, one on Windows 7 Pro x64, and one on Windows 2003 x64. Not sure if this problem is isolated to x64 installs.

When I mounted the management ISO, and ran the autorun.exe, and selected the CMC, it now properly reports 8.5 as the version of the CMC.

Can anyone else validate my findings?
Arian van der Pijl
Regular Advisor

Re: CMC 8.5 Install. PLEASE READ

Thanks for the heads up!

I unpacked and ran the installer directly from the ISO;

I did uninstall the previous management console because somehow it would not install/update correctly (same procedure).
Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly what happened but the upgrade did not went smootly :)

Frank Villarreal
Occasional Visitor

Re: CMC 8.5 Install. PLEASE READ

I ran into the same issue running an isolated copy of just the EXE. I had to also have the '' and '' up one directory from the VM\CMC_Installer.exe.

So instead of copying off just the exe, take the entire 'InstData' folder.

This worked for me!


Re: CMC 8.5 Install. PLEASE READ

Hi, where can I find CMC version 8.5 for linux? I found only SAN\IQ 8.5