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CMC Network Interface visibility

kevin golding
Occasional Visitor

CMC Network Interface visibility

I have been asked to reconfigure our p4300 by our reseller, but I cant possible fathom why I need to do it. I can find no reason in the best practices or admin guides, and wanted another opinion.

I have a single 4300 appliance, and the Interfaces are setup with a pair configured as a VIP interface, and a single interface for management. the VIP is in it's own iSCSI VLAN, and the management interface is in a management network and is visible to the CMC.

I am being asked to create a route on our switches so that the CMC can see BOTH interfaces, which to me appears confusing.

we had the appliance installed by a third party, and I have no experience with Lefthand SAN appliances. So wondered if anyone has any ideas why, or if they could point me in the direction of some good documents to read.