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CMC installation on Accelerated iSCSI

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CMC installation on Accelerated iSCSI


I have an windows Hyper-V server connected to P4000 and I  installed on this server CMC for managing the P4000 but the installation does not find the P4000 IP addresses as the server Iscsi is hardware defined (Accelerated iSCSI) and it does not appear as a network card but as an HBA I also have a problem of installing FOM on this server for the same reason. The server is connected to virtual connect. Has anybody worked in this way. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: CMC installation on Accelerated iSCSI

Hello! I have similiar problem with Qlogiq iSCSI HBA in blade servers. Support can't help me. I think Leftahand can't make normal work with accelerated iSCSI

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Re: CMC installation on Accelerated iSCSI

The answer to this one is relatively simple - the CMC needs IP connectivity to the SAN - so make the traffic routable to and from the SAN and the CMC.


Qlogic cards are not NICs so you are not going to get through that way...


So if you have the SAN on vlan 101 and the CMC on vlan 100 you are going to need to setup a gateway router on both VLANs.

This is probably necessary anyway to allow the units to get to the SMTP server...


Good luck.


David Tocker