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CMC-warning: alarms may not be available

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Re: CMC-warning: alarms may not be available

OK Here is what we need to do.

We need to isolate the problem.

Are there any issues at all that indicate which node is giving you the problems?

IF you are in contact with support they need to restart the GW services on each node.

You need to verify the TCP/IP settings on each node.

   ))) goto to each node and select the TCP/IP settings

  ))) see if you can ping various servives NTP , Mail server ect

  ))) check the gw on each SAN

I guessing when you do the update it is failing on a specfic node?

This is almost certainly a network access issue

you can try breaking the bonds if you them enabled and see if the issue will go away


Stefano Colombo
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Re: CMC-warning: alarms may not be available

I have solved the issue.
I have rebooted one node and tried again .
Then I got an error message related to another node , and rebooted it .
After rebooting the nodes that immediately reported a problem I was able to run through the complete upgrade process , though I need to run it 3 times to have all the patches applied to all nodes

Re: CMC-warning: alarms may not be available

A call into support would have them apply a patch.  The same patch/fix was released some time ago - Patch 20031 fixes the CIMserver problem..


Also - I found making changes to the SNMP trap setting - any changes - usually cleared the issue up because the CIM repository had to be rebuilt.


Re: CMC-warning: alarms may not be available

Log a case with HP Support, You need to update support only patch to get this fixed.