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Can't Delete ALB Bond

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Can't Delete ALB Bond


I need to change Bond configuration from ALB to A/P. I followed HPE notice and I've tried to suppress Bond from console connected via ILO. I got an error message like "Entry not deleted. Cannot delete bond. This Bond is set as the Lefthand OS interface and will not have active interfaces after deletion".

Before to try deletion, we choosed secondary node, stop manager and that don't work.

I read another post, in this forum, about the same subject but no solution have been replied.

Thanks for your feebacks.



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Re: Can't Delete ALB Bond

Hi In SANiQ 12.7 you should be able to change the bond. If you are not able to change the bond, we need to delete the bond from backend and create a new bond with Active/Passive. Deleting the bond from GUI wont work, if you are using that bond for LHOS communication. Login to the root ( you need to contact support for this as they only have root access ) rm /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond0  reboot the node After the reboot the bond is deleted and all the NICs are available Create a new bond . You need to make the change on one node at a time and wait for the volumes to resync before performing it on another node. Regards
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Re: Can't Delete ALB Bond

Hello Kannoly,

Thanks for your advise. LeftHand version is curently 12.7 but we don't get support. I'm going to ask our EOM, how to do that new bound configuration.