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Can two versions of Lefthand CMC co-exist?

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Can two versions of Lefthand CMC co-exist?

We have a SAN cluster with 6 lefthand p4300 nodes, all of them are runing on 8.1.


We just received 2 new p4300 g2 nodes and would like to create a new cluster with only the new g2 version which runs on 10.0.


The current CMC was able to discover the new nodes, but won't able to manage them.


Can I install a new instance of CMC just for the new 10.0 nodes, and leave the existing 8.1 cluster un-touched?




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Re: Can two versions of Lefthand CMC co-exist?

Hi Jieshu.


you can use the 10.0 CMC to manage the 8.1 nodes. So you don't have to install two co-existing CMC's.




Remy Zandwijk
VU University Amsterdam
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Re: Can two versions of Lefthand CMC co-exist?

Thank you! I will have a try.


Just want to confirm before I start, to have the CMC 10.0, is it better to do a clean install of 10.0 or I can upgrade it from 8.1? If upgrade is that a one step process or it has to go through 9.5 then 10.0?


Thanks again.

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Re: Can two versions of Lefthand CMC co-exist?

I think between 8.5 and 9 there was a need to do a clean install.  For less than a dozen systems, it really doesn't matter if you try a clean install.  If you are unsure, you might as well install v10.5 CMC on a 2nd computer to see if you can make it work.  You aren't limited to using one install of CMC on one computer.


Even if you could do an upgrade, I would suggest that after you confirm that v10 works for you, that you uninstall v8 from your computer and install v10 clean simply so it remvoes all the old updates you have downloaded on the computer that are no longer needed.