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Cannot ping FOM and P4300 G2 Storage Server from VM

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Cannot ping FOM and P4300 G2 Storage Server from VM

I have an iscsi network with 2 P4300 G2 Storage Servers. I can ping both storage systems from VMware server 1 just fine. However, when I attempt to ping the storage servers from  VMware server 2, I get the error message "Destination host unreachable." Only 1 out of the 4 packets actually goes through. We're running VMware vCenter Server 5.0.0. Both VMware server 1 and server 2 are on the same isci network and they're both pingable. I'm attempting to setup an FOM for the storage units and I'm not sure what exactly is causing the network connectivity issue. Also, one thing I left out,  VMware server 1 storage views show the datastore is set in three areas: Backup NAS, a LUN which is a VMFS, and another Local VMFS.  VMware server 2 storage views show the datastore is set to only a LUN VMFS.  VMware server 2 also has a Intra VM Affinity rule set for that server. Both P4300 G2 Storage Servers are on Raid 5. Looks like it's closely related to this issue: 


Re: Cannot ping FOM and P4300 G2 Storage Server from VM

Hello Jojo,

my first approach would be to ensure that you are follwing Storevirtual Compatibilty  Matrix which can be found at:

If so then most probably your problem is a misconfiguration on the network interfaces within Storevirutal.

Please verify that you right configured Lefthand Os, management and ISCSI interfaces at:

CMC >> Storage node >> Network >> Communications tab

I'm pretty confident that you will fix your problem otherwise please kindly open a support case using your Storevirtual serial number. and we'll be happy to assist.


Francisco de la Torre Rodriguez
EMEA LHN CoE Engineer

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