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Centralised Tape Backups


Centralised Tape Backups

Hi everyone,


I am trying to figure out if it is possible to perform tape backups from a remote copy of a volume.

While I know that is a vague question, I can be more specific...


I have a backup server, and two P4000 clusters, one SAS, one SATA.

The SATA cluster contains all the remote copies of my volumes...I would like to be able to create automated backups to tape by using the P4000 remote copy feature, and mount the remote copy onto the backup server.

Now the one problem you have with this, is most backup software will show it up as being data backed up from the backup server - whereas using a transportable snapshot from the primary volume and performing an offhost backup will result in the data appearing as if it were from the application server...

I want to achieve the same 'perspective' of the data, while using a remote copy.

This I am hoping would allow for simpler management of the backups - and allow for centralised backups to tape.


I am assuming you could do this with indepth knowledge of your backup software, and a script?




Regular Advisor

Re: Centralised Tape Backups

Have you considered using DPM 2012?


You could setup backups of the datasources, to a LUN on the local P4000 cluster - then snapshot that LUN to the remote cluster?


Costs money, but works well - and restores are -really- easy.


David Tocker