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Check uptime P4300

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Check uptime P4300



How can I check the uptime on two P4300s G2? I want to check this because of the "Linux Kernel panic causes storage systems to go offline"see:



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Re: Check uptime P4300

Not that I have an answer for the direct question, but if you think you are getting close to 6 month of up-time on a VSA, why not simply reboot it during a period of lost activity? Unless you are using raid0 LUNs, this should have minimal impact on your production if don't during a period of low SAN activity.

I'm running VSA VMs on my production HV servers so I have to reboot them pretty frequently and its never really much of an issue.
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Re: Check uptime P4300

Go to the diagnostic section of one node, then the hardware information tab. Click refresh. Uptime in hours in under the Stat section.

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Re: Check uptime P4300

Why dont you just install the patch?

20031 or upgrade to 9.5?