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Clone volume possible without SmartClone?

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Clone volume possible without SmartClone?



I'm new to HP Lefthand. In the past years i've used a Dell EqualLogic with a Citrix Xenserver setup.


Now I have a HP P4500 SAN with some servers and a VMware setup.


In my setup I want every VM is located on it's own volume on the SAN, so I can manage snapshot settings per volume. I've installed the first VM (Windows 2012) as a default VM, so now I want to clone the volume in the CMC of HP, and then add it as a new VM in VMware. After that rename it, change login/ip settings and install soms specific software on it.


My question is: how to clone a volume in the HP CMC? I've tried SmartClone, which works fine, but then I have a shared snapshot between the original volume and the clone volume and i'm not feeling fine with it (performance issues?). I need 8 copies of the original VM....


In my good old EqualLogic I can push one button to clone a volume, even it was possible to create a new volume from a snapshot.


Can someone help me with it? Or is it ok to simply use SmartClone and don't look for the shared snapshot which I can't delete (because "it's used by multiple volumes")?




Danny from Holland



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Re: Clone volume possible without SmartClone?

I use remote copy to same MG and then make it a primary volume.


Re: Clone volume possible without SmartClone?

I've blogged about this here-


I've detailed all the steps involved to duplicate a primary volume as another primary volume, hopefully you'll find it useful.