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Cluster Swap followed by LefthandOS upgrade

L.G. Wieberdink
Occasional Contributor

Cluster Swap followed by LefthandOS upgrade



Our production environment exists of a Management Group, 3 clusters and a FailOverManager all running SAN/iQ 9.5.

                - one 2-node DL320s cluster

                - one 2-node P4500G2 cluster

                - one 4-node P4500G2 cluster

We purchased a 2-node P4530 cluster and are planning a cluster swap with the DL320s cluster (DL320s are not supported under LefthandOS 10.x). The cluster swap will finally result in the following.

                - one 2-node P4500G2 cluster running 9.5

                - one 4-node P4500G2 cluster running 9.5

                - one 2-node P4530 cluster running 10.5

                - Management Group running 9.5

                - FOM running 9.5


After the cluster swap has finished, we plan for the final upgrade to LefthandOS 10.5 of the remaining P4500G2 units and FOM. Until that moment – which can be some weeks later -  we will be running with the above-mentioned mix of soft- and hardware components. In the past we successfully have performed a cluster swap and running mixed SAN/iQ versions.


Has anyone experience with an upgrade path as described or problems seen with running this mix? 

Any problems reported with upgrading FailOverManager from 9.5 to 10.5?


Thanking in advance for answering.